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Dreadlock Central

Professional Dreadlocks for the Modern World

Dreadlock Central is my primary business and we’re dedicated to provide a well rounded “one stop shop” for all your dreadlock needs. Our team serves the dreadlock community by offering our services to the largest cities along the East Coast United States along with offering online courses and a wealth of information and resources to help you get your dreadlock game on point.

Professional Services

Our East Coast United States team offers personalized services to fix up dreadlocks with any and all hair textures!

Healthy Products

Avoid unhealthy products, low quality extensions, and find our list of tried and trusted products to keep your dreadlock healthy!

Educational Courses

Get pro training for the Instant Locs Crochet Method with our in-depth training courses instructed by yours truly!

A Sample of our work:

Explore Our Website

If you have dreadlocks or you’re curious to learn more about dreadlocks we have plenty of resources for your to explore on our website.

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