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Book & Media Recommendations

My obsession with business development and personal growth has lead me to seek out various resources to feed my mind with productive content. The lists linked below are my top recommendations for book and media consumption:


Check out my recommendations for books spanning on topics from Business to Personal Development to Masculinity and even Fiction.


Looking for entertainment that will also feed your brain? View my recommendations for Movies, Shows, and YouTube channels.

Organization & Journaling

When you run your own business you’re forced to be organized and reflective, if you’re not, your business is likely to be a mess. These are the systems I use to organize, track, reflect, and journal on my pursuit to be the best I can be.

Airtable Organization

If you need to organize anything digitally Airtable is where it’s at. It’s like a spreadsheet on steroids and they keep improving it. I’m obsessed with this App, paying for premium, My whole business runs on it!

Whiteboard Setup

Whiteboards are incredibly underrated. Gain insight into how I use whiteboards to massively boost my productivity, journaling, habit tracking, and keep me focused on the right things.

The Straight 7 System

The Straight 7 System is the concept that if a man achieves a 7 out of 10 in all areas of life he will reach the top percentile of men. Use this Google Template to copy and paste then rank and journal your own status.

Goal Setting Effectively

Most people consider their “dreams” goals. They poorly define and dissect their goal and it fizzles away to nothing. This deep dive template will take your goal setting to the next level and set you up for success.

Coaching / Mentorship / Discussion

I’m always open to people who are genuinely hungry and driven to improve their lives by taking massive action. Whether you’re running multimillion dollar business or just getting started I’d love to connect and consider the possibility of developing a coaching or mentorship relationship that is mutually beneficial for the two of us!

Business, Systems, Branding, Marketing

I may not be a big business tycoon, but I’ve definitely been in the trenches building multiple businesses and income streams for my entire adult life. Let’s talk about getting your business or project up and running!

Unique & Productive Lifestyle Setup

Seeking to escape the rat race and live an unconventional life? Well I’ve definitely been there and done that and I’m still living that life. I’d love to discuss ways I can help you achieve the same.

Rediscovering A Healthy Masculinity

Drive, ambition, determination, challenge, competition, honestly, honor, stoicism. All of these elements are needed to build a healthy business but are also necessary to become a strong masculine man.

Mastermind Meetups

Over the years of traveling I’ve accumulated lists of entrepreneurial minded individuals in various major cities along the east coast. If you’d like to be included on that list and invited to a meetup please fill out this form:

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