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The bread an butter of my pursuit of business.

As a an analytical yet creative person with a never ending thirst for knowledge and experience, developing Dreadlock Central into what it is today has become most rewarding business venture.

I started out with a single crochet hook, my car, and a Craigslist ad. I landed my first client and very quickly realized that there was a large demand for my skills and services.

In the years that followed we experienced continual growth and expansion including training our current team of 8 people, serving the largest cities on the East Coast United States, launching a very in-depth training program, and reaching an average of 15,000 people every month with just our website traffic.

Ultimately, Dreadlock Central has become a respected brand in the dreadlock community, and I have plans to continue developing further with a product line, an online directory, and various other projects.

But for now, if this is your first time learning about Dreadlock Central, you can see everything we have to offer here at

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