About Me

I've always considered myself a creative soul with an persistent entrepreneurial drive and an insatiable thirst for learning, creating, and turning ideas into reality. This website serves as a sort of canvas, where I proudly showcase the projects of my diverse interests, skills, and accomplishments.

My Roots.

As an only child I grew up on the side of a mountain in the middle of Pennsylvania. Despite coming from a very rural upbringing and working on farms as a child, I filled much of my free time building projects with Knex, making art, learning instruments, playing in bands, skateboarding and snowboarding. I was always creating or expressing myself in one way or another.

Fast forward into my adult life and I've managed to infuse my creative interests with my strong work ethic. I'm proud of my ability to retain both those elements at the same time, which I contribute a huge amount of my success to.

Professional Background.

I've mostly been a freelancer / entrepreneur throughout my professional life. At the age of 14 years old, instead of doing my classwork I taught myself to code HTML. I created websites that would get around the school proxy to gain access to gaming websites which I shared with my friends. You could argue that was one of earliest "services" I offered. And I also started mowing lawns with my father around that same age, which was one of my earliest hustles.

Fast forward to today and not much has changed. I still do web design for local business, including DreadlockCentral.com and the website you're on right now. I've done a wide variety of graphic design starting in my teens. From there I learned SEO which has been pivotal in growing my businesses. Also around 17 years old I started offering my skills as an audio engineer and ran live sound for several years as an independent freelance audio engineer. I eventually got picked up by a band that I toured with. In the midst of all of these pursuits I also started offering my mobile dreadlock skills which developed into the business it is today. Not to mention my photography skills which I've dabbled with over the years eventually turning into yet another service and very useful skill to help expand my businesses.

My formal education consists of Vocational Technical school during high school where I learned how to work with electronic circuits. This has been quite helpful in my Van Builds and other projects. Following high school, I went to college for Music Industry, and then a trade school for Audio Engineering. But the overwhelming majority of what I've learned in my businesses has been self taught by utilizing YouTube and books.

Goals & Ambitions.

In the short term - I'm here to create and explore and learn as much as possible. I'm always happy to meet and potentially collaborate with like minded individuals, whether that's to create art together, build a business, or just have deep meaningful conversations.

In the long term - my ultimate goal in life is to gain as much experience and wisdom as possible. I want to be the old grandpa sitting on his rocking chair passing down wisdom to younger generations.

Let's Connect.

If you resonate with what you see on this website I highly encourage you to reach out! It's always great to meet with other creative and entrepreneurial individuals.

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