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Vegan Sushi / Nigiri / Poke Bowl

Sometimes I just need my sushi fix, you know? If you like simple sushi rolls or nigiri this gets the job done.

Look up a Youtube video if you want to make a legitimate sushi roll – otherwise you can just throw all of this together into a raw poke bowl. The Hearts of Palm is a pretty decent replacement for whitefish, it just has a slightly harder texture. This recipe is inspired by the Yellowtail Scallion Roll. Consider that this may be a bit bland for those not accustomed to nigiri.

  • Make sushi rice according to package – if you’re feeling frisky heat up a very small amount of sugar, rice vinegar, and soy sauce to fold into the rice once it’s done – if not, just leave it plain
  • Hearts of palm – diced into bite sized pieces for poke bowl or keep the long strips for a sushi roll
  • Sushi Nori – cut into small squares if making a poke bowl
  • Scallion cut into long slivers for sushi roll or chop for poke bowl – I love this added flavor, my preference is to be generous with the scallion
  • Wasabi¬†– Pickled Ginger – Soy Sauce (whatever your preference is)
  • Add Sesame Seeds into the rice as a bonus
  • Consider adding some dulse or kelp flakes if you’d like a boost in iodine and seafood flavor
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